Thursday, January 18, 2018

2018 Greetings! hope you had a wonderful holiday season spending it with the ones you love.  Here in Ontario, Canada we are having one of our coldest Winters in a long time so I can't think of a better time than to stay indoors and do a little scrapbooking!   Do you remember the delicious Cream & Sugar collection? It oozes of cuteness with little sweet pastries, smiling sugar cubes and frosty beverages.  I took the beautiful teal and pink papers from this line to create a page about Christmas morning and a special delivery from Santa.

To create the base page I joined two patterned papers together, when I do this I always like to add a border on the seam where the two patterns meet.  The 12-inch border stickers on the 'this and that' sticker sheet are perfect for this application.

Although the Cream & Sugar is not specially a Winter line, I punched out snow-flakes from pretty blue paper and created a visual element that instantly shouts 'Winter'.

The sweet shoppe house die-cut found in the Odds & Ends package was about the same scale as the doll-house in the photo and I thought it was a cute way to emphasize the doll-house theme.

Have a wonderful crafty day!

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Mix it up with Doodlebug!

Hello everyone it's Virginia here to share with you my 'Mix-it-Up' project.  Even though our lives are becoming more and more paperless I still do find papers in my junk drawer piling up.  To tackle this mess, I created a fun file folder binder which I will use to keep loose papers better organized.  The foundation of my binder are pocket file folders available at an office supply store.

I used 3 pocket file folders (you can use as many as you wish as long as they fit your binder rings). and there are lots of decorating opportunites (front cover, back cover, inside cover etc.). Woot! I get to raid all my Doodlebug stash, that just makes my heart smile!

Here I used an 8.5x11 page I previously created, this way I can enjoy the layout everytime I open up my file folder! 

You can embellish the insides pockets too, you know all those cute Doodlebug clips, I clipped them to the inside and they are ready when I need some papers clipped together- so much fun!

Love this Doodlebug typewriter cutting file, so many ways to customize your message!

I have filed away a yummy recipe, now I have no excuse that I can't find it- LOL,  I guess I better go now to start some holiday baking!

Wishing you and yours the warmest and merriest Holiday Season!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Holiday Giving- Stockings!

December Greetings! Hope you are enjoying all the gift giving inspiration ideas.  Today I'm here on the blog to share with you a cute stocking that I made with some Silhouette cutting files from the Milk & Cookies collection.

In my stocking I have tucked in a little red money envelope called Chinese 'lai see'.  We give out 
these red envelopes during the Holidays, the New Year and other special occasions to wish luck and good fortune. 

Some assembly tips, to make the stocking I cut out two stocking bases and adhered them securely together all along the sides (leaving the top open).  I used a sewing machine to pierce the holes around the cuff. The blue snowflake is also a cutting file from the Milk & Cookies collection and I made a solid red mat under the snowflake by offsetting the snowflake by a 0.100 factor.  Some added details are the enamel dots and a scalloped green border.

Hope you have fun crafting some holiday gift ideas!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Thankful Layout

This Fall I am thankful for our puppy who joined our family 10 months ago.  Her gentle and playful spirit brings joy to our hearts.  This is her first Autumn and being a pup her zoomies through the fallen leaves is certainly a sight to see.  She has a fascination with all the critters in our backyard- bunnies, squirrels and racoons.  I thought it would be cute idea to capture her on a page surrounded by all her critter 'friends'.

I used a Daily Doodle as my page base and created a random mosaic of Fall papers and cardstock critter stickers.  The pattern paper squares measure 1.5 x 1.5 inches and the square fits perfectly into the daily grid.  Matting a 3x3 photo on a 3.25x3.25 photo mat fits perfectly within a 4 square grid.

Hope you have a wonderful day, thanks for dropping by the blog~ Virginia

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Washi Tape

Hello, all those who have a collection of washi tapes, raise your hand (me and with two hands up!).  I do love the adorable patterns of washi, especially those eek-y spiders in the Booville collection!

I used washi in a few ways on my page. Adding strips of washi to create a pattern backdrop on a page is always a  fun and cheerful application of this product.

You can incorporate washi when making your own embellishments too. On my paper rosette, I added washi on to my paper before running it through the rosette die cut.  The result shows a pretty washi pattern on the tip end of the rosette.  You can also switch it up by placing the washi tape lower on the paper strip so that your washi pattern becomes the centre of your rosette.

How about washi with a border finish? Yes it's easy, just place washi onto a strip of card stock and then punch it through your favorite border punch.  Gently remove the washi from the punched card stock and place it onto your project!

Hope you have been inspired to try out one of these fun washi techniques! 
Have a wonderful crafty day!

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Doodlebug Milk'n Cookies

Here are a few layouts using the adorable Milk and Cookies collection.  For my single page layout I used the cute paper with the Santa and fireplace scene. This scene make for a fabulous page foundation, just add your photos and embellishments and then finish framing the scene with some colorful twine!   Don't forget the little details such as adding some initials onto the stockings hanging on the fireplace and embellishing the tree ornaments with some glittered sprinkle dots!

When creating double pages sometimes the challenge is using papers over a 24x12 base.  On my double page I stretched out one sheet of pattern paper by cutting the paper in half on the diagonal.  To do this, fold the paper in half from the top left corner to the bottom right corner and cut on the folded line to create two triangles.  Adhere one triangle to each of the card stock bases to form a  fun geometric design while giving you lots of negative white space to make your embellishments pop off the page.  I created long photo mat strips across the double page to create a bit of timeline effect to fit multiple photos over the double page.