Friday, December 3, 2010

Scrapping it Forward

I feel very blessed in this journey we call life.  I would love to pay it forward and I hope you can support me to 'scrap it forward' to help make this holiday season a little more magical for those who could use our help.

This Saturday I will be bringing in a boxful of scrappy projects, layouts, cards etc.  Some of these are layout kit samples, class samples, projects samples for magazine pubs, or just projects never been seen outside of my scrap room put together for fun.  I will be selling these projects at very nominal prices (and if you feel like paying more I will be just giddy with appreciation!).

100% of all sale proceeds will be donated to the Chum City Christmas Wish Foundation.

I had a lot of fun crafting and it would be pure icing on the cake if it results into helping this awesome charity.  Here are some peeks at what is for sale:

2 Page Sample Layouts $4
These are 2 page finished layouts.  You may just need to use some Undu to remove the white photo placement mats on some of the samples.  Or you could simply adhere your photos over them.

All cards and accordion cards $2 each

Here are some cards of different themes.  There are some fun accordion style cards for the Moms who have everything but would be so appreciative of receiving this with your personal message.

Altered projects $4, Mini Albums $10

Various projects, albums, decorated cigar boxes, onion envelopes etc. are $4 and up.

Thank you! from the bottom of my heart.  These items will be at the store for a bit until they are sold, hopefully that will not be for too long :)


  1. are any of the scrapbooks/altered projects that you've made still around? can you let me know and save one or two for me so i can come in and get them?

  2. Hi Ashlee,

    The projects are all sold out, sorry!
    It was wonderful to raise some money for the Wish Foundation, I'll definitely think about doing it again next time around.


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