Thursday, January 27, 2011

Making layered flowers

I came across playing with this Sizzix Flower Layers die recently.  What I especially like about this die is that each flower layer is basically the same 5 petal flower shape in different sizes.  I absolutely ((heart)) making the flowers Tim Holtz's grunge roses.  He uses grunge paper and starts with three 6 petal flowers all the same size (he uses the Sizzix Flower layer #5 die).

Using Tim's method in making his grunge roses I find using this Sizzix Flower Layers (numberless) is a tad easier to create because each layer of the flower is already sized down.  Also, making the centre part is less finicky.

I've put together a little tutorial on making these beautiful layered flowers:

1. Cut 4 flowers out, 2 large, 1 medium, 1 small.  Cut between each petal toward the centre on each layer.  Then trim out one section petal from 3 flowers as shown.

2. The flowers that have the section cut out, close and glue the flowers together.  You end up with one large base and 3 layers that have a cone shaped bottom.

3. Curl each of the petals back.  I find using the end of a water colour paint brush works really well.

4. The flowers that have a little cone shape on the bottom, it's is best to trim the tip off so that it's not so pointy.  This will make them easier to glue and form the layers of the flower.

5. Adhere the layers over to of each other.  Try to position the layers so that the petals are not all on top of each other.  Voila, enjoy this beautiful flower and use on your layouts or cards!

6. Here is an example of 2 different sizes.  The smaller flower is made by omitting the bottom layer of the larger flower.   Now you can mist your flowers with glimmer mist to give it that wet look for more dimension.

7. Just for fun here is an example of two layered flowers.  The red one is made using the steps described above and the green flower is made with just die cutting out the flowers, curling in between the petals and adhering the layers (as is) together.  The regular layer flower is still very pretty but the red flower has just that tiny ooomph of lift and fullness which is really nice.

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  1. These are sooo pretty! I am going to make three or four, frame them, and then hang them up on my wall. Such a fun d.i.y. craft for winter break(:


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