Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The journey to black belt layout

Today I'd like to share with you my layout based on this week's inspiration at Sketch Support.

I have been wanting to scrap Anna's karate belt accomplishments but was sort of stumped on how to go about it.  This sketch totally unblocked my mind and I saw the light!  The vertical stripes would represent the belt colours and the stars on the side are a great motif to mimic Ninja stars which they do use in her training.

My variations on the sketch were to keep the vertical stripes the same width and I machine stitched the edges to look like the stitching on her belts.  The different sized stars are cut out of balsam wood- yes real balsam. I bought some wood business cards from Lee Valley Tools and these run through diecuts like butter.  I stamped and Asian script on some of the stars.   I omitted the large star in the background and opted for a kraft paper background with a notebook border punched on the edges to represent the study and dedication required of Karate. 

For some whimsy I included a digital stamp from The Greeting Farm and coloured the belt red with copic markers. The stamp image on my page is actually a combination of 2 stamps.  See below, I used the head from Anya (the girl in the middle) and the body of kicking Ian.  Then the light bulb when off (again)...with digital stamps I can actually flip Ian to kick the opposite way and now I have 3 'bodies' to use. Neat eh? 

One last note:  If someone is making a list out there on what inkjet printers work well with Copic Markers here is my experience:

HP 8500 - REALLY AWFUL..heat setting doesn't make it any better
Canon i9900- Good, and Excellent if you want to heat set before colouring.

Thanks for stopping by, be sure to check out the other amazing projects over at Sketch Support.


  1. Love your awesome layout! Huge enabling on your part because I went and bought the boy digital stamp for my karate layouts! Thanks

  2. Great to know about the i9900... :) Love this layout. You always have such a nice crisp, clean style.

  3. Beautiful layout (as always!)
    Are laser printers okay to use with Copics?

  4. Thanks for all your kind comments.
    Clare: I found this info on the copic site (seems to be good news if you have a laserjet)

    "Copic Marker inks will not destroy lines printed out from a laser printer or standard photocopier. This is because they are toner-based devices and the toner is fused to the paper so the alcohol ink from the markers will not destroy it.

    However, with inkjet printers, each printer uses slightly different inks and you need to test your printouts before you color or you could make a mess. Newer inkjet printers seem to work better than the old; but to be safe you should always test them out."


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