Friday, February 3, 2012

Cootie Catchers

Good morning! (and yes it is a great morning for me! - this is the first day in the past 13 days that I didn't wake up with a hacking nasty cough...yup really sick these past 2 weeks grr..) I  must have caught a really bad bug, thankfully everyone else in the house are safe and healthy :)

Today is another project I created for Sketch Support.  When looking at the card sketch and the dotted lines in a grid pattern I thought about origami.  Anna has this great step by step origami book and whenever there is a dotted line it means to fold and that is how I came up with creating a cootie catcher to interpret the card sketch.  Anna loves making cootie catchers so I'll tuck this one away in her lunch box for school for a little surprise.  I kept the heart theme and stitched panels on the outside of the catcher.

Here is also another cootie catcher I made a while back where I included lots of little photos and journaling in the project.  It is sort of like a year in review in 3D!


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