Monday, April 23, 2012

Paper House

Hope you had a chance to craft this past weekend. I spent most of Saturday helping Anna with her French project.  She was assigned to design, build and then present the house items in French.
This is her 'Ma Maison'.

I mainly helped with the construction and she chose all the finishes.  We used a xerox box cover for the house and divided it into rooms.  I used foam core to construct the walls and floors.  TIP:  I had first used the hearty foam core by Elmers (about 5 bucks for a big sheet) and could not get a straight cut for the life of me, my exacto knife could not cleanly cut through both outer card stock and foam layer.  So I switched to foam core I bought at the dollar store (Dollarama) and it cut like butter with an exacto knife.  Much easier and much cheaper- win win for sure.

We re-purposed some items from her Littlest Pet Shop collections (she has parted with many of her younger toys but she still loved her LPS's -good thinking, she must have known it would come in handy).  Some items were made with modelling clay and the remainder we used styrofoam and foam core.

It is no surprise Anna spent most of her time and effort designing and decorating her own room.  Do you see alot of scrapbooking items?  She has FULL access to all my supplies.  When she gasped "Mom...I love these Doodlebug flocked brads, can I use them?'  Honestly a few years ago I would have gently diverted her to something else but I embrace the USE IT NOW mentality.  Like many of my crafting supplies, I collected them saving them for a special occasion but I come to realize the present time is what is special.  We used beautiful graphic Shizen papers for the walls and floor covering.  She made lamps from Maya Road trinket pins, we made our own mirror with Bazzil Mirri paper.  We used brads on the wall for decoration. I thought she did a fantastic job with designing her room- modern, graphic, and funky!


Living Room


Game room

So that was my crafting I have to rest my poor fingers...used the hot glue gun a lot- man that stuff is hot and hurts when you accidentally get some on you.


  1. This is fantastic! I can't think of a better use of scrapbook supplies. :) sorry for the hot glue gun burns, but this really turned out great! (and now I have to rethink my trying to convince my daughter to get rid of her LPS stuff! ;)

  2. Virginia, what a lovely way to spend some quality crafty time with Anna. She will surely get "un A" on her little sweet home. You must be beaming and grinning that Anna has used your own crafty supplies:-) It's lovely and TFS!

  3. Virginia (and Anna) Wow, I love this so much. What a wonderful project to make together - It is funky and gorgeous. My daughter and I have just spent ages poring over this - it is very cool and what a great way to spend time together. Anna xx

  4. what a great house! you and your daughter deserve a pat on the back!! ;)

  5. Where's the scrapbooking room?! Kidding! Looks like you guys had lots of fun. Looks very ikea-like with those patterns.

  6. Awesome job!!! I love the decor....a true fashionista in the making :) Hope you presentation went well Anna!


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