Friday, May 18, 2012

Catching the Big One!

This week it is add-on week at Sketch Support which means Allison creates a single element that you can interpret any which way.  This month's add-on is the award ribbon. The moment this add-on sketch popped up on my computer screen I immediately knew I wanted to scrap Anna's win for the largest fish in last summer's fishing derby at our marina.  I was going for the bulletin board effect and wanted it to appear as if the awards were pinned randomly to the cork board.  The paper collection you may recognize already since I used in the last few Friday posts, it is the Exit collection by Nikki Sivils.

To celebrate the cross promotion with Nikki Sivils, Sketch Support is having a little giveaway and you can find the details here on this link.

The thin cork is by Karen Foster and is self adhering. I've had this cork paper for over 7 years and so glad I finally got a chance to use it, actually I am surprised I still knew where to find it as you would think after that many years it would get lost (okay I admit..I did search high and low for about half hour and was about to give up but glad I didn't!)
Sketch Support -Add-on sketch

Anna's big catch was memorable for me.  I usually don't go out fishing with them but this time I decided to go and I was so glad to be there with my camera to capture all the action.  Lots of excitement reeling in the big one.

A little tug on the fishing line...
Reeling it in...
A great catch!
Just goes to show weather your fishing equipment is a Shimano or Barbie, you can be a great angler with either!  Anna has owned her Barbie fishing pole since the age of three (photos below) so it was probably time for an up-size...going into the big leagues now lol.

A trip to the Sportsman show this past Spring Anna picked out a new fishing rod (some would say a 'real one' but hey she did pretty good with her Barbie rod) .  Definitely looking forward to more fishing tales this summer.

First fish caught ever!

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday long weekend! 

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