Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Making a BIG card

I like going through office supplies store just as much as a scrapbook store. When I was younger, I was that kid in the class that always had her pencil crayons precisely sharpened, my erasers cleaned (those nasty black marks on the end..yuck), my supplies labelled etc...yup...that was me.   Fast forward many years later I  am at Staples doing the happy dance with Martha Stewart's office line collection and thinking of all the fun ways I can incorporate them into my papercrafting.

My blog post at Scrapbook and Cards Today re-purposes the file folders to make a card:

Are you the designated crafter in the family, among friends, at the office?  Have you ever been asked to make a group card and making it BIG so that lots of people can sign it?  Easy at first thought but when you think of a 12 x 12 piece of paper then folded in half, you end up with an awkward size and with no envelope to fit the card. You probably so wished you had  a 12 x 18 piece of cardstock? Been there, done that! … no worries, a solution is available and it’s no surprise it involves Martha Stewart.
I was recently at Staples oohing over her office line collection and these file folders caught my eye.  Who can resist being organized with these Tiffany blue coloured folders- yummy!  Thinking beyond pretty file folders I thought these would make fantastic card bases.  These folders come plain or patterned in various colours, are very sturdy, and best of all the finished card will fit easily in a standard over-sized office envelope.

Here are some ways I made the card less office-y looking.  Like a standard file folder, there are score lines close to the spine so I just used a pretty border to cover it up.  I also cut the tab off on the right edge.  The theme of my big card is wedding or engagement and will fit lots of personal messages. It is very practical because the card can be re-purposed back as a folder for the bride to organize her notes or momentos.

On this card, the butterfly, heart, heart border, and fence are Memory Box dies.  I love that they are so pretty and delicate.


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