Friday, August 3, 2012


We have been enjoying some beautiful weather here in Southern Ontario.  We have been away most of last month on the water and for one week we travelled with a group of 50 boats on a rendezvous- leaving our Midland/Pentanguishene home port, winding our way across Georgian Bay and into Killarney.  We had a blast- along the way we visited some favourite anchoring spots, explored new areas, fished, and swam lots.

The rendezvous, it was a bit of a puzzle to fit all the boats onto the docks in Killarney.
A trip to Killarney would not be complete without dropping by the famous 'bus' in town aka Herberts Fisheries where the fish is caught daily and served (it is a building and the 'bus' is at the front).

The fish is perfectly cooked with a thin crisp batter and well I'm a sucker for thick potato fries.  We have been coming here for many years, the red and white bus is the same, the yummy fish is just a delicious as I remembered when I ate it for the very first time.  I'm so glad nothing changes here, it's a memory that I will always remember.  After dinner we make the mandatory trip to the local ice cream shoppe for a perfect end to our good eats.

Returning home I had some happy mail.  The new Scor-pal idea book, in colour print and in my mailbox!  Thrilled to be asked by Diana Crick, owner of Scor-pal, to contribute a project to her inaugural book!  There are so many wonderful projects, cards, 3D displays, scoring templates etc.  in this book and I can't wait to spend some time soaking it all up.

I created a house clock and is on the cover at the bottom left hand corner.

Here are a few photos up close of the project. The clock face is an actual clock mechanism and the roof is a cascading mini album.

tick tock tick tock...

roof doubles as a mini album
Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!


  1. Wow! many congratulations to you, what an achievement xx

  2. Congratulations! Your clock is amazing.


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