Friday, August 31, 2012

"Let's go the the Ex!"

I have not been to 'the Ex' (CNE- Canadian National Exhibition) in eons, I would hazard to guess...hmmm probably at least 25 years ago was the last time I visited.  I remember growing up the Ex was the end of summer event to look forward to- the rides, games, and shopping- memories of the  Food building with pasta and pizza specials for $25 cents a serving.

Anna had her first adventure to 'the Ex' planned out.  She envisioned it to be a daughter/daddy day and their mission was to win lots of stuffies.  I received updates over the phone (that's why they are a little blurry on the layout) throughout the day, every time a new pic with a new stuffie in hand , they even had to make a trip back to the car to unload!

When they returned home (exhausted) but super happy I asked what sort of games they played to win their haul- the water squirting targets, the ground hog whack-a-mo, the slip a ring onto the coke bottle's neck, the guess your weight game, the throw the ball into an apple basket, etc- the same games I remembered, comforting to know some things just don't change!

My thinking for the layout was to celebrate each of her memorable wins.  Anna took an individual photo of each stuffie and I created a ribbon awards across the page so that each stuffie get's their own celebratory limelight, anymore stuffies, I would have had to go to a 2 pager, lol!

Challenged to find pattern paper for the base that had the right 'blue' sky...couldn't find anything in my stash so like my previous layout posted this week, I just went with a totally contrasting colour of a yellow pattern paper from  Echo Park's Hello Summer line.  The rest of the award ribbon elements were made with My Mind's Eye Lime twist papers.  Glittered AC thickers make up the title.  I purposely put the 'let's go to the Ex' in small alpha letters as 'win stuffies' was the main event. 

Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday weekend!


  1. Such an adorable page, Virginia!! I love the cute circle photos you used and that you made them into the banner pennants!! Such a fun idea! Looks like she had fun! :)

  2. Great layout VJ :) Anna looked so happy to win all her stuffies!

  3. Virginia like you I haven't been to the CNE is probably 20 years. Daddy and daughter were very brace to go. Glad they had so much fun!


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