Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Halloween Candy House

My turn today for a blog post at Scrapbook and Cards Today's blog.  I was at Creative Bag in Mississauga and came upon this triple wine gift box and thought this would be a perfect to make a Halloween candy house.  The three windows in the front are hinged and are the perfect size for little hands to reach into for a candy treat.  I made a hinged roof at the top with paper strips trimmed into banners which flips up to refill the box or for 'big kid' hands to grab a treat too!  These boxes also come in red and gold, hmm ideas spinning in my head about a cute little Christmas scene, what do you think?

K, back to the Halloween house, the pattern papers I used are from the Recollections stack from Michaels and the diecuts are K&Co.- love the ghosts, monsters, and mummies.  This Halloween house is sitting on a table in our foyer and the candy supply is definitely dwindling down..(not my waistline though, ha!)

With a ton of paper supplies leftover I thought it would be fun to make a few cards to celebrate October birthdays with a little Halloween twist.

Have an occasion you might want to use these cards? Be the first person to let me know (via email) and I'll plop them into the mail to you.  Have a great day!


  1. There is a card drive for Addison at These cards would be perfect.

  2. Virginia you post is amazing! I am in love with the wine box and i am going to go to Creative Bag tomorrow to find it. Thanks for enabling. Your cards are all amazing too!

  3. Hi Brenda, thanks for the link to the card drive, anything to help bring a little smile and sunshine to Addison is the least I can do!

  4. Thanks Tracey, the black box was on clearance for less than 2 bucks to boot! Have fun!

  5. Ah Virginia - thats just up the street from me - going to hit them today. Next time drop by and say hi! Miss you all of you from Scrapalicious

  6. If I am the first to say yes I could use them. Please let me know. I wanted you to know that I tried the link you had on your SCT article and it didn't bring me to your blog. It only went to I had to do a google search for you.


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