Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Wishing that everyone has weathered the storm safely.  I think the worst of it is over, our city is going through a little clean up (mainly cleaning up tree limbs) but everyone is very understanding, patient, and willing to help everyone pull through together.

We have finished the jellyfish costume and happy with how it turned out, it does weigh a bit so and even with the ribbon to tie it under her chin Anna will have to hold onto it when she is sprinting from house to house.  The shower puffs as tentacles worked out fantastic, you can't tell in the photo but every other tentacle has glow lights strung through them (which we will 'crack' and light up just before heading out tomorrow night) and the jelly fish is definitely more 'blue' than 'white'.  The dome does light up (see previous post for pic) but I have them turned off as it was still daylight outside.

So in the car today Anna throws out that she has a Halloween party at school...huh? (umm...this costume is a bit too big and cumbersome to take to school ) so with the leftover supplies I made a baby jellyfish!- I used the hula skirt as the tentacles (easy peasy..just glued the skirt around the dome) and you have instant tropical jelly fish!

Happy Halloween!

Updated post Halloween- here's a photo with the glow sticks, it was raining but the jelly fish dome kept her dry!


  1. It looks so good VJ! Fingers crossed we won't have too much rain tomorrow night!

  2. Virginia what a fantastic costume! I am so hoping the rain holds off for the kiddies. It is such an important night!

  3. She'll be so unique tomorrow night! And kudos to you for whipping up a smaller version for school...they both look great!

  4. Way to go VJ! Anna's costume is great! Happy Hallowe'en

  5. That turned out AWESOME. Would love to see that glow bug.... er... fish... going down the street!


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