Monday, October 29, 2012

Jellyfish..part 1

Weather forecast for Halloween this Wednesday is rain, rain, and more hoo :(

We are having way too much fun putting this jellyfish costume to worry about that for least the dome of the jelly fish should keep Anna dry, I hope!

I think the trickiest part is to get this jelly fish dome part looking good.  The tentacles are easy...we are going to unravel the shower puffs and they will look squiggly and translucent.  Did you know that shower puffs are about 12 feet long when you unravel it? just in case you were ever wondering ,lol.

So back to the jellyfish top.  I cut a piece of foam core a little larger than the hat.  I rolled up some thin styrofoam sheets and created a frame around the hat. Hot glue and styrofoam do not mix (found that out when the glue seeped right through the foam and onto my fingers (hot!) so tip is to apply the hot glue, let it cool down and then squish the styrofoam onto the glue.  I piled a bunch of unraveled shower puffs into the middle, some shimmery silver packing shreds, and 2 strands of battery operated LED lights.  Cover with bubble wrap into a shape of a dome, the photo shows the bubble wrap loose because I just wanted to see how it would look---not too bad I think! 


  1. Looks good! Maybe you should have altered an umbrella instead :)

  2. Very inventive. Crafty you!


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