Monday, November 26, 2012

Happy Birthday to my hubs!


Just wanted to shout out 'Happy Birthday' to my hubby.  He doesn't ask too much on his birthday but he will always appreciate a slice of tasty birthday cake.

Last year I made him his favourite cake in the whole wide world called Dobos Torte, a cake made famous by a Hungarian baker, Josef Dobos, in the late 1800's.  My hubby's mother was a fabulous baker making many traditional Austrian delights and Dobos Torte was one of her specialties and my hope was for this cake to bring back some special memories for him.

The cake batter in the dobos is very fine, each cake layer is baked individually and the chocolate butter cream icing has to be perfect to hold everything together.  I googled countless dobos torte recipes and many seemed complicated, either the batter was doable and the icing was complicated and vice versa.  The solution? separate, pick and choose what I thought I could successfully accomplish and hope for the best.  Also, traditional dobos tortes have this caramel crackle top but my hubby's mom did not do this so that was one less element I needed to master (phew!)

I am not a baker and equipped with only one 9 inch cake round, I made the 7 layers one at a time.  Pour batter, bake 8 minutes, clean, butter, flour pan again, pour batter again, bake, etc.  The butter cream icing is made of mainly butter and cocoa (did I mention this cake is NOT diet friendly, lol).
From start to finish, the dobos took me 3 hours to complete, I don't know if this is slow, good, or average but the end result was that my hubby loved it and that makes it all worth while! 

The papers on my card and layout are from Little Yellow Bicycle's Saturday collection.  I didn't have any 12 x 12 pattern papers so I used the 6 x6 diecut decorative papers, journal tickets, and flowers on the page. The cream mat doubles as a pocket so that I can store my recipe with the layout. The stamping on the card is a birthday set by Stampin' Up.

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