Friday, November 9, 2012

Just add glitter

We all like a little sparkle don't we?  and with the Holiday season around the corner it is the perfect time to add some glitter to your scrapbooking.  I am teaching my Christmas glitter workshop this Sunday (1 to 3:30 pm) at Pointer Scrapbooking in Markham.  This is a jam packed technique based class where you will play hands-on with microfine glitter and perfect the burnished velvet technique.  Be wowed with the no mess, sparkly glitter that you will reach for time and time again to add that finishing touch to your projects.  If you like glitter, you will love it even more.  If you were on the fence about glitter because you thought it was messy and cumbersome than you will be converted- I guarantee it!

Here is a peek at the cards that you will create.  I like to teach this glitter class in smaller group sizes, there are still a few spots open this Sunday if you want to come out and play! 


  1. The world is perfect when you add a little glitter.

  2. Virginia,

    do you ever teach west of TO?? Please come to Mississauga or Burlington... or announce your classes a bit more in advance - I follow your blog and if I know you are going to Markham I can plan ahead. I am obviously in some sort of funk this fall, I miss ALL your classes.


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