Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Oh my goodness...deja vu!

The subject was fashion.  Anna is liking the 'mustasche' trend lately.  We were just chatting the other day about the fashion trends when I was her age and I mentioned Cougar boots.   Anyone wanting to go down memory lane?

It was the 'thing' for girls to have their cougar boots, we didn't lace them up, we had the famous red lined tongue hang out, the floppier the better.   They did keep our toesies really warm on the cold winter days walking to school.  For the boys it was Kodiak work boots (the steel toe ones) , Levi jean jackets covered with and rock band logos doodled in pen (Kiss, AD/DC, Styx etc.), and when the weather was cooler out came those lumber jackets!

When I saw this article in today's paper, I flipped! Love the newer look of my beloved cougar boots and I can still see they kept that red lining!!


  1. I definitely remember these boots. I used to love my pair, they were so comfortable, and yes, they could only be worn with the red-lined tongue flipped out. Not sure why we wore them like that, but everyone did!

  2. I totally had these boots too! We were so cool. :)

  3. OMG Virginia! I had the original Cougar boots--never laced up, famous red tongue sticking out and a red plaid lumber jacket so go with! Thanks for the trip down memory lane!


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