Thursday, November 29, 2012

When 'enough is enough'

True story.  It happened today.  I decided enough was enough!

I was vaccuming the stairway into my basement and decided mid suction that I had it with this lack lustre, colourless transition into my craft space.  Usually this little landing is also a dumping ground for Anna's knapsack, school projects, running shoes, her flute etc.  When I ask her to 'tidy up' she dumps it down there, out of sight, out of mind (atta girl that's how I taught her to clean so I really have no one to blame, lol)

See what I mean, drab eh? I always had good intentions of adding some colour.  Fast forward 8 years later, looks like I did pretty well? NOT!

So today was the day I was going to do something about my drab situation.  I have to let you in on a little secret too, I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to frames.  I dunno, I always have these great intentions of framing pretty pattern paper as art.  From my collection of frames I take out this poster frame.  I remember picking these up at Ikea when they were on clearance (I think 3 for 10 bucks).  Over the years of creating store samples, class samples, DT samples etc I have accumulated a pile of projects, picking through my assortment I come across pages from a 7 Gypsies carousel album of our trip to China.  I don't have the carousel anymore but kept the album pages thinking I would rebind the pages into a coil album.

Here is a pic of what the project looked like originally:

After adding in some gorgeous Asian themed papers from Graphic 45 (picked these up at Pointer Scrapbooking, Heidi always has the best selection of scrappy Asian themed products),  I start to think how I want to assemble this project.   I originally thought about just glue dotting the pages onto the paper directly but then the pages are double sided and I have more than just 9 pages I would like to show off.  To make them inter-changeable I used little wooden clothes pins which are adhered to the paper with a strip of Scor-tape.  Now I can turn over or rotate in new pages in my inter-active frame (the acrylic panel that comes with the frame I used on the underside to give a little more support.  I noticed the pages were a little 'flippy' in the pegs so I just tacked the page in place with a little washi tape.

Thirty minutes later, I now have a framed memory that will always bring me a little smile as I head downstairs to my scrap space, I don't know why I waited so long to do this!

Okay...back to cleaning...gotta get ready for a little craftin' tomorrow night with some friends- we are going to make fun Christmas tags.


  1. Love it! You should paint that wall a really bright accent colour too :)

  2. Love it and think I might copy you!"


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