Monday, December 17, 2012

Fancy Pants and Scor-pal!

One last project before the holidays, this week it is Fancy Pants teaming up with Scor-pal, so be sure to check each of the companies blogs for lots of inspiration and of course prizes are to be won!
My inspiration for my holiday/home decor project was inspired by a childhood memory I fondly remember of the holidays.  They were the Lifesaver candy books.  I've seen the newer ones in stores today but they are only one sided and the books I remember were two sided where you opened up the box and both sides were lined with rows of Lifesaver candy.  I have not come across Lifesavers books in the stores, the candies now are Skittles, Big foot, Gummie bears....sigh...oh well at least my diet and dentist are thankful for that, lol!

Inspired by the box book construction I created a one-sheet shadow box template (you will need 2 of these to make the 'book').  This shadow box template I had ran through several revisions before coming to an end result I was happy with.  My project is a 6 x 6 square shadow box and you could definitely adapt the template to any square or rectangular size.

Anyhoo, here is a sneak peek of my box book project featuring Fancy Pants Home for the Holidays paper collection.  Full details and tutorial will be posted on Scor-pal's blog this Tuesday ( I will also post tutorial steps here too but not until the blog hop is finished through the week).

Just recently our family was blessed with the arrival of this sweet baby pea!  In this photo he is just an hour oldHe is so tiny, so adorable, so c-u-t-e !  okay thanks for indulging me tee hee, back to business now...

Supplies: Fancy Pants pattern paper, Scor-pal, Scor-tape, silver jewel diamond wrap, Websters Pages rose trim, dies/punches: Sizzix, EK success, Accucut, Memory box,

To make the box book base I created a one-sheet-shadow box template.  You can create one 6 x 6 shadow box from one 12 x 12 paper and you will need two shadow boxes to create the book.


Start with a 12 x 12 double side pattern paper score at:  ¾, 1 ½ , 2 ¼ , 3, 9, 9 ¾ , 10 ½ , 11 ¼ .
Rotate 90 degrees.  Score at ¾, 1 ½ , 2 ¼ , 3, 9, 9 ¾ , 10 ½ , 11 ¼

Now score at 3 ¾  and  8 ¼ just to where it meets the lowest horizontal scored line 3 inches down.  
Turn paper 180 degrees and repeat.

Step 2:Cut as shown marked with the solid lines below.  The hatched areas are to be discarded.
Note there is a centre line cut down the middle of the tabs.

Step 3: Fold along all the the scored lines first to train how the edges will roll in.  

Step 4: To start securing the shadow box together, apply Scor-tape to the outside 3/4 inch panel of the shorter edges first (this is side edges WITHOUT the tabs).  Roll them in and secure them to the base.

Step 5: Apply adhesive to the outer end flaps, roll and secure them to the base.  The tabs are still loose at this point.

Step 6: The top flap of the tab is folded over and secured underneath.

Step 7: The flap remaining is wrapped around the corner and secured along the edge.  Repeat for all four corners and you have just created the shadow box base.

Step 8: Repeat steps 1 to 7 to create another shadow box.

Step 9: After you have made 2 shadow boxes, cut a 1 1/2 x 6 inch strip, score in half vertically and mountain fold to make a hinge.  Adhere both boxes to this hinge with Scor-tape.

Step 10: Decorate as you wish!  Cut 3/4 strips of pattern paper to cover the outside edges and 6 x 6 pattern paper to cover the outside top and bottom.  You can use photo corners to cover up the joints or use borders around the edges of the box. 

Thanks for staying with me through all these steps.  I hope you give this project a try, I would suggest making your first one out of plain card stock so that you see the score-lines better better for cutting around the tabs.  Once you've mastered the template, go to town with your pattern paper!

Wishing you and yours and wonderful Christmas and Holiday season!


  1. Oh how I remember the Life Saver books, looking forward to your tutorial and seeing what"s in the box!

  2. Thanks Tracey, I had so much fun with this project!

  3. your shadow box photo book looks so wonderful !

  4. Good cutout and folding lines. Thank you.

  5. Thank you so much for this tutorial!!! I used it to make my first shadow box card! I've credited you on my blog. Thanks!

    Mirella DK xx


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