Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Washi Storage Solution!

Desperately seeking an easy DIY washi display & storage idea this was one of those light bulb moments that hit me like a truck!  After the Christmas holidays I decided to save all my cardboard wrapping tubes.  To be honest I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with them, it just seemed like a missed crafting opportunity to recycle these perfectly clean and crisp round tubes.   After all, it would be another 12 months until the next opportunity to collect them again, a little voice inside of my head kept telling me that they would be put to good use one day!

I keep my washi collection in this wooden box, it works but not ideal as I still need to rummage through looking for the right pattern or colour.  Hmm…if only I could line and stack up tape rolls showing off the patterns at an easy glance.  Ring ring ring ring! the little bell goes off and I am so excited to share with you my super easy way to make washi stacks!

Take a cardboard tube, and trim about 6 inches in length.  I squish the tube down and wiggled it under my trimmer.  It is important to have one straight edge but if you do not have a trimmer to cut the end, just use scissors and trim straight later.

Cut the tube vertically.

Roll the tube tightly to make a spool and slide your washi rolls onto the spool.  Try to place washi rolls with the same inner spool diameter on the same stack.  Once you have a few rolls on, release and the tube will automatically adjust to the tension needed to keep its shape (no glue needed).  Stand up your washi stack (this is why it is important to have the bottom cut straight to prevent the stack from falling over) and admire your beautiful washi collection.   Try making varying heights of washi stacks by colour, pattern, or manufacturer.

One last tip, to prevent the rolls from slipping off when you lift the stack, place something at the bottom as a little stopper.  You could use ribbon, twine, buttons, even wrap washi around a few times.  In my example, I used a strip of rhinestone jewels.

These washi stacks would look so adorable on your shelf, in the middle of your scrap table, and even if you don’t display them it makes for a wonderful way to keep the rolls organized in a box!

If you don’t have cardboard tubes on hand, try gluing two pieces of pattern paper together for a heavier weight and roll it into a tube.  If anyone tries this, let us know how it works!

Hope you enjoyed my little DIY idea, have fun making your own washi stacks!

Have a wonderful week! Virginia


  1. Great storage tip Virginia. I have all of mine in one of those photo boxes from Michael's but they roll all over the place. I am going to use this tip to corral them! Have a great day.

  2. This is a great idea, I have all my lace on tubes, much easier to see and manage.When I get some of those fabulous tapes they are on my wish list. I'll store them like this thanks for sharing, and have a great day my dear..

  3. What a great idea ! I will use it for sure ! thank you for sharing.

  4. Great tip! They look so great stored upright like that!


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