Monday, May 6, 2013

Cropfest Barrie

 Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Just wanted to wave a big 'HI' to the ladies that joined me last Friday at Cropfest Barrie, it was wonderful to see and meet new faces!  Big kudos to Lisa and her team for making us want a serious taste of summer with a fabulous beach themed crop!!  Bring on the flip flopping weather!!  Lastly, thanks to Michelle for being an awesome TA and wonderful help!!

Here are a few snapshots of my classes in progress getting crafty and glittery!!

I also shared some class ideas (sneak peeks) with the ladies for Scrapfest Oshawa and I'm looking forward to some great times at Oshawa this coming Fall. Mark October 18, 19 in your calendars.  

On a side note, it was an interesting start to my day last Friday.  I had some time to spare before heading north to Barrie and decided to drop by a shopping mall.  Never made it to the store in the mall because of this little incident.

Yes, you are seeing parts of my bumper in my trunk.

And the bumper should be here:

I don't think much is salvageable except my license plate.  I was T-boned in the parking lot, luckily everyone in both cars were okay and I'll remember that my day started out 'just smashing-ly!'


  1. OMG Virginia! I had no idea. I'm glad you were okay though! What a way to start. On another note. I was oogling Diana's class kit - fantastic class kit!!!

  2. Hope you are OK and your car gets doctored OK.


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