Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A beautiful day

I posted yesterday about being under a creative mess for the last while.  When I get really busy with  scrappy projects and deadlines I keep everything on a list the old fashion way- a clipboard, line paper and just write everything little detail down and just check mark it off along the way.

For the next few days I have a clean slate and I'm going to devote all my time outside as much as possible.  It rained this past weekend and my poor yard has been neglected with loose branches, untamed plants and some very tenacious weeds!  Ughh...those ugly suckers just keep popping up EVERYWHERE but with rain this past weekend it will help to get at plucking them out.   I get a lot of delight when I get those buggers by the roots I tell ya, woot!

I have to pace myself so I work on a little section at a time, here is a look see of an area that is finished.  We have this winding path just outside our pool area and it was totally overgrown and covered that you didn't see the winding path at all.  Now you see the original shape of the path and I get so much happiness the aches in my back and hands are totally worth it.  You know the feeling when you spent hours finishing a layout that you love and every time you look at it you have a great big smile.


Here's a big ladybug ornament that I placed in the garden.  For those that may not know I am a freakish ladybug collector.  I love ladybugs, anything with ladybugs!  Plate, napkins, vases, nightlights, candle holders, bowls, magnets and of course any scrappy name it I probably have it!

Hope you are enjoying a beautiful Spring day, love this time of year!

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