Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July Happenings!

Howdy! hope everyone is enjoying their Summer, hard to believe July is almost over (insert sad face). We spent most of July on the road and on water but as much fun it is to be away it's also feels so good to just be at home for a change.  One past weekend we had a reunion at the Timberhouse Inn.  This is a B&B located in Brighton, Ontario (just east of Picton) and we've been coming here for our family event the last 5 years, six families in total and we book the entire Inn for a weekend stay.  Definitely worth checking out if you wanted to organize a little scrappy get away with friends, this would be a perfect venue (tip: you'll need to bring your own portable lighting).

After a fun day at a nearby beach, I set up a little crafty project for the girls to paint canvas bags, they turned out fabulous!

Here we are on Georgian Bay.  I was mesmerized by the dancing shimmering Sun sparkles over the water, good thing I was not captaining because we would be going around in circles.

Yup, that is a coconut tree on our boat.  If you can't be in the Carribean, why not bring the Carribean to you!

We had some freakish weather in the last part of July- some days were glorious and then there were a couple of storms too.  Thankfully we were tied securely to a dock through the 60 km/hr wind gusts and I was prepared with my little ziploc bag of crafty supplies to scrap the storm away.  I worked on an upcoming class for Scrapfest Oshawa.  Here is a peek at my Halloween mini album workshop.  Halloween and Christmas are neck and neck in our household in terms of anticipation and excitement.  I love making Halloween projects, the bright colours and silly ghoulish elements makes it so much fun!

Feathers are making their way onto scrapbook pages lately, tickle, tickle....these bright orange and greens are boo-ti-ful!


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