Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December Daily - progress!

I thought I would share with you my December Daily update.  As mentioned before in my previous post the foundation pages of my album are completed.  Just need to wrap up the completion with some photos.

Taking a daily picture.  Yes easy-peasy, my iPhone is awesome for the daily impromptu clicks and they are automatically photo streamed onto my computer.  Love Apple for this!

Printing pictures.  Yes easy peasy- I have my trusty Epson PictureMate (10 years old) and the quality is amazing.

Determining the picture size.  Hmmm , mixed opinion here.  I am limited by the size of my album and the pre- constructed pages.  I decided to print all my photos 3x4 and there were instances I would have wanted a larger picture.  I know I could print a larger photo and just hole punch it and place it into the binder as another page.  There's nothing to say I have to be confined to the pre-made foundation page right?

Journaling.  Mixed opinion here again.  Do I adhere my photos to the pre-made page and then just write where there is room or do I make another page for the journaling?  Should I handwrite my journaling? (btw I dislike my hand-writing).

Am I over-analyzing this documenting December process? likely yes.  It is probably because I am not a creative 'carefree' scrapbooker as much as I want to be, LOL.   In my scrapbooking workshops, I always say 'there is no right or wrong way to scrapbook' - I should take my own advice, hahaha.

I will take some time to plan how I will include my journaling, thinking flip outs, pockets etc. in the meantime here are my daily December photos.

Day 1: We like the Advent calendars by Lindt.  The photo doesn't show it, this is a pretty big countdown,  the chocolate portions are very generous!  I always have 'big plans' to make our own countdown, little pretty burlap packages or banners...sigh...yeah big talk no action (hanging my crafty head in shame).

Day 2: No snow yet, but this is when I dig out some Winter decor.  I love my little snowman, he stands about 3 feet tall.

Day 3:   After dedicating November to attending high school open houses to look at regional programs, arts programs, IB programs, Advance placement etc. we have narrowed our choices down submitted our applications.  A tad 'stressful' but not nearly as stressful in 4 years time when we are considering college or university.  Okay so Day 3 is not so festive...but part of daily December life!

Day 4: The anticipation of Christmas means making fun-foam Christmas houses.  We use to make the houses from the gingerbread kits.  Having done both,  Anna (me too) prefer the foam crafts because we get to use stuff from my scrapbooking stash, i.e. more glitter!

Day 5: Home decor outside.  These planters are artificial and yes they do look very artificial up close but when there is a nice blanket of snow, it all blends together!

Day 6: December 6 will always be special because we have a birthday celebration for the most cutest and handsomest little boy!

Day 7: Anna infused a little Christmas spirit into her fish tank.  I wonder if the guppies are thinking why is there a jolly bearded dude in submarine in their home!

Day 8: Bethany Mota's launch of her winter clothing line was very much anticipated in our household! To learn she was bullied when she was younger and then finding her own voice on YouTube which led her to become a confident, courageous and empowered personality is very inspiring.  Also loved her on Dancing with the Stars!

Day 9: Pomegranates are in season and a favourite snack of ours.  One word, delicious!

Day 10: Today I don't have a picture, I think I'm going to journal about the fact that this is the first year we are officially celebrating the 'Magic of Christmas' in spirit.  Yes, please read in between the lines what that means, LOL.   I have to admit this gave me a little sad twinge in the heart (boohoo).

Thanks for hanging in, this was a long post! I've been busy working on a few projects which I'm excited to share with you later!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Scrapbook and Cards Today- Winter Issue!

Ho Ho Ho, jingle jingle jingle....for paper crafters all around the world, today has just become more festive with the arrival of the Scrapbook and Cards Today's Winter issue.  It is packed with inspiration for merry and joy to get your into the holiday crafting spirit!  If you like crafting traditional pages, pocket page, cards, tags etc this issue will put you in your happy place for sure.
You can purchase this issue by subscription or you can download the entire magazine for free here!

For this issue, I create a pocket page using only Simple Stories 6x6 paper pad and embellishments.  This collection is brimming with a mix of alphabets, die cuts, labels and other elements.  Building a pocket card from scratch was super fun and easy!

In addition, the 2015 planner is shipping! You will love this sturdy, colourful and functional planner.  I love that it is coil-bound and the pages flip all the way around (vs being stapled in the middle) - makes it way easier to use!

My 12x12 page is featured in September.  I used some beautiful Spellbinder dies to create accents and backgrounds.  The pattern papers are Teresa Collins.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoy a little crafty play time today!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

December Daily!

Self- just do it!

My intentions have been good, just never really applied myself to complete one.

I assembled my December album in 2012- yes you read that right! so essentially I'm 75% complete, just need to finish 1% each day for 25 days.  LOL -I think I will term this my 'December Daily' math goal!

Here are links and more images to assembling my December album:

December Daily Part 1
December Daily Part 2
December Daily Part 3

Look forward to sharing my first completed week soon.
Wish me luck!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December Page Maps!

December greetings! it is a new month which means new Page Maps sketches.  Here is the sketch that I chose to work with.  I remember this 'selfie' moment.  Anna was trying to encourage me to make funny faces but I just continued to smile while she clicked.  Ok ok, I eventually did make a funny face but it was very unflattering so it got deleted pretty quick, LOL~

You can check out all the December sketches plus contributing projects from the Paper Issues design team!

Have a great day!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Basic Grey- November guest designer

I have been a long time fan of Basic Grey and when asked if I was interested in creating a few projects as their November guest designer, I enthusiastically said 'YES!'  I was sent their Vivienne collection - a gorgeous collection of fresh florals with some cozy hues of browns and pinks.

My Mom recently took the plunge in getting her very first smart phone.  Anna is giving Mom a quick iPhone lesson on how to text and use Suri.  It was very endearing to watch them together.

For my 2nd project I created a page to record a very special memory of some very delicious treats.  Fresh butter, baguette and macarons delivered from Paris!  This girl was in heaven, so sinfully delicious and something I will always remember.

Next I created a couple of cards all-occasion cards.  I really love the thin acetate chipboard patterned frames, they are wonderful to work with and adds a beautiful clean-lined see-through backdrop to the cards.

Loved all the delicate wood-veneer shapes ands sayings for instant dimension and texture.

I also answered their  Basic Grey's'Baker's dozen questionnaire, you can read the survey why I prefer brads over eyelets. Just scroll down to the end of their blog post here.

Have a wonderful day!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Cropfest Cambridge wrap-up

Thank you Lisa, Sandra and Lorna for another awesome time at Cropfest Cambridge.  I saw many happy ladies enjoying their weekend of cropping, creating, laughing and enjoying a few sweets from the Candylicious buffet!

I taught 2 classes on Saturday and let me just say, you ladies are 'da bomb'!!  You gals rocked the projects and I hope to see you again soon.  Here is a pic of some creativity in action, love seeing an organized mess of srappy goodness!

Thank you to Sandra for helping me out with my classes, appreciate your help so much!

Next up is Scrapfest Kitchener 2015!-  So happy and excited to be invited to teach there again- I already have a few class ideas swirling about!

Stay warm, have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sequin it!

Hi! I was up on the Scrapbook and Cards Today blog this week and shared an idea to make your own  sequinned embellishments.  All you need are your sequins and some packing tape to start, yes you read that correctly, packing tape!

Sprinkle out some sequins and use the packing tape (sticky side down) to pick them up.  Then gently flip the tape over so the sequins are facing up.

Trim out a small piece of card stock that matches the colour of your sequins. 
Apply clear scrapbook adhesive onto the card stock and then press this onto the sequins. Mush it down a bit so that it adheres to the sequins.

Essentially you have just created a sandwich of sequins between the packing tape and card stock.
Run this sandwich through your steel rule die to create your die cut shape. 

You may have to use a little bit of liquid adhesive to secure a few sequins that may have come loose from the die cutting process.

Voila! a pretty sequinned embellishment is ready for your project. The packing tape gives the leaf a nice glossy sheen and also keeps the sequins contained when the card is sent in the mail.

There are some very tiny snow flurries dropping as I type this so I know and feel (brrr...) Winter is just around the corner.  

Mark December 5th as this is the day SCT's Winter Issue is going to be released! Oh yay, I think that is a good day to whip up some hot chocolate and enjoy the issue in your comfy PJ's!

Monday, November 3, 2014

November PageMaps!

November greetings! New scrapbooking sketches are up over at PageMaps!  For this month's layout I chose an 8.5x11 sketch!  I love creating 8.5x11 pages and I still feel that you can keep your photos and story the focus of the page even with a smaller starting size.

I dug into my stash of pattern paper and just pulled out papers that I thought would go together, in the end the pattern papers are from Crate Paper, Pink Pasilee and BoBunny.  I used the stamp set from  Let's Chat-Penny Black, love the circle scribble swirls of this stamp set.  This set is so versatile for all sorts of projects.  I read somewhere that Ranger Archival inks work great with acrylic stamps so I wanted to test that and yup, the images came out really crisp and clear!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Crop and Create Thunderbay

With back to back events at Crop and Create Thunderbay and the Toronto Creativ Festival I have been busy and having a blast!

Thank you Thunderbay friends for a lovely welcome! It was fabulous meeting new crafters and catching up with some ladies I met at Crop and Create Winnipeg earlier this year.  In between teaching a couple of classes I had a chance to sample Thunderbay's famous persian pastry- oh yum yum and yum!  We also enjoyed a very nice steak dinner at locally acclaimed Prospector steak house- I am still dreaming about their fresh buns and garlic butter!

Lastly, loved spending time with some very special girls-  Angie, Nicole, Vicki and Catherine,  I don't need to use words how I feel about y'all ((HUGS!))

Drum up is Crop and Create Markham 2015!!

Here are the details, registration starts Monday Oct 27 for alumni and Tuesday Oct 27 for new attendees!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

DIY Starbucks Frappuccino with extra whip!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend sharing it with people that are special to you.  

The leaves are falling and Halloween will be upon us again!  You may remember a post last Fall where I shared Anna's Starbucks frappuccino costume.  I scrapbooked about it and the page layout is in Scrapbook and Cards Today's Fall issue:

I've had a few inquiries on how to make the costume so I thought it would be best to share it now before I forget the steps, lol.  The pattern I am sharing is my own design and fits a girl size 10.


1.5 yards each of caramel and white felt (purchased at Fabricland)
8 inch scalloped diecut (you can use an 8” circle too)
1 paper towel tube, green acrylic paint
1 white/cream toqueprintable fabric paper (purchased at Michael's)

Create the frappuccino cup:
1. Cut caramel felt to 38 x 24 inches.  Fold down the top edge 4 inches and sew a straight line 1” below the fold.  This creates a channel that will help gives the cup it’s shape. To create the arm holes, fold one vertical edge 8 inches in and cut a 6” semi-circle on the fold  2 inches below the channel.  Repeat for the other arm hole.  Sew the two ends end together to form your cup, leave an 8” long opening at the back so that it can slip over your child’s head.  I used a velcro tab to secure the back closed.
2. Flip the cup inside out. Slip the cup over your child’s head and through the arms. Right now the 3” yoke piece above the channel looks like a big floppy mess.  At the front in the middle, cinch 3” at the top edge of the yoke together and sew a dart to the top of the channel (sewing a straight line from this pinch point to the top of the channel). Trim the dart seam to reduce the bulkiness of the fabric gathered.  Repeat this dart in the position above each of the arm holes.  
Essentially you are tapering the yoke smaller making it extend away from the shoulders giving you that rounded cup shape.  Remember, you are working on the underside of the costume so this step does not have to be pretty.
3. Flip the cup back to it’s good side. Cut out twelve 8" scalloped circles from white felt. If you do not have a diecut, just use a round plate or scallop print-out as a template to trace and cut your felt.  Fold into quarters to enhance the swirly look and tack along the yoke, add more felt swirls if you want more ‘whip cream'.  To finish the neckline, add a double folded 2" wide white collar. Use seam binding to finish around the sleeves, feel free to skip this step as felt material does not fray.  
4. (note photo image 3 and 4 are flipped). Print logo and labels onto iron-on fabric paper.  I use the round logo on the front and the drink checklist at the back.

Create frothy cream hat and straw:
5. Paint your paper towel tube with green acrylic paint.  Using scissors slit 1” pieces around the bottom and fold them out.   
6. Cut an 8” scalloped circle from white felt, cut a hole in the middle so that it can fit over the straw and adhere it to the straw base (on the 1” pieces) with hot glue.
7. Glue (hot glue) the straw/felt base to your toque at the top on an angle.  Trim the straw to 6 inches.
8. Cut out 8 more scalloped circles.  Fold in quarters and cut a length (on a curve) at the folded point so that it will fit snug around the straw, attach to the base scallop using hot glue and continue until you have secured folded quarters around the straw.
Repeat again for a second layer.

Voila, one mocha frap+extra whip is ready for an evening of trick or treating!