Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A pretty card using envelope seals

I have to admit I really get a kick going to an office supply store, so when Anna needed to head to Staples for her back-to-school supplies...twist my arm LOL!  Seeing rows and rows of products all neatly organized in columns  just makes my heart sing...I tell you it's my need for being linear, clean and organized!  Did I ever tell you one of my summer student jobs was working at the shoe department at Woolco's (you might remember them? they are gone now and replaced by replaced by Target).  So my job was to keep the shoes organized and boy did I ever take that challenge seriously smaller sizes on top, by colour and style.

Back to papercrafting--> This was a card I posted for the SCT blog last week.  I came upon these envelope seals (and yes I hate licking envelopes...ew...gross so I like to use pretty envelope seals)!   They also make great accents for cards, just peel and stick.  The ones shown here are clear and silver rimmed, love that!  Hope you are inspired to dig through your office drawer and create!

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