Wednesday, October 15, 2014

DIY Starbucks Frappuccino with extra whip!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend sharing it with people that are special to you.  

The leaves are falling and Halloween will be upon us again!  You may remember a post last Fall where I shared Anna's Starbucks frappuccino costume.  I scrapbooked about it and the page layout is in Scrapbook and Cards Today's Fall issue:

I've had a few inquiries on how to make the costume so I thought it would be best to share it now before I forget the steps, lol.  The pattern I am sharing is my own design and fits a girl size 10.


1.5 yards each of caramel and white felt (purchased at Fabricland)
8 inch scalloped diecut (you can use an 8” circle too)
1 paper towel tube, green acrylic paint
1 white/cream toqueprintable fabric paper (purchased at Michael's)

Create the frappuccino cup:
1. Cut caramel felt to 38 x 24 inches.  Fold down the top edge 4 inches and sew a straight line 1” below the fold.  This creates a channel that will help gives the cup it’s shape. To create the arm holes, fold one vertical edge 8 inches in and cut a 6” semi-circle on the fold  2 inches below the channel.  Repeat for the other arm hole.  Sew the two ends end together to form your cup, leave an 8” long opening at the back so that it can slip over your child’s head.  I used a velcro tab to secure the back closed.
2. Flip the cup inside out. Slip the cup over your child’s head and through the arms. Right now the 3” yoke piece above the channel looks like a big floppy mess.  At the front in the middle, cinch 3” at the top edge of the yoke together and sew a dart to the top of the channel (sewing a straight line from this pinch point to the top of the channel). Trim the dart seam to reduce the bulkiness of the fabric gathered.  Repeat this dart in the position above each of the arm holes.  
Essentially you are tapering the yoke smaller making it extend away from the shoulders giving you that rounded cup shape.  Remember, you are working on the underside of the costume so this step does not have to be pretty.
3. Flip the cup back to it’s good side. Cut out twelve 8" scalloped circles from white felt. If you do not have a diecut, just use a round plate or scallop print-out as a template to trace and cut your felt.  Fold into quarters to enhance the swirly look and tack along the yoke, add more felt swirls if you want more ‘whip cream'.  To finish the neckline, add a double folded 2" wide white collar. Use seam binding to finish around the sleeves, feel free to skip this step as felt material does not fray.  
4. (note photo image 3 and 4 are flipped). Print logo and labels onto iron-on fabric paper.  I use the round logo on the front and the drink checklist at the back.

Create frothy cream hat and straw:
5. Paint your paper towel tube with green acrylic paint.  Using scissors slit 1” pieces around the bottom and fold them out.   
6. Cut an 8” scalloped circle from white felt, cut a hole in the middle so that it can fit over the straw and adhere it to the straw base (on the 1” pieces) with hot glue.
7. Glue (hot glue) the straw/felt base to your toque at the top on an angle.  Trim the straw to 6 inches.
8. Cut out 8 more scalloped circles.  Fold in quarters and cut a length (on a curve) at the folded point so that it will fit snug around the straw, attach to the base scallop using hot glue and continue until you have secured folded quarters around the straw.
Repeat again for a second layer.

Voila, one mocha frap+extra whip is ready for an evening of trick or treating!


  1. This is so amazing!! Your daughter is a lucky girl. I want one of these costumes for myself! LOL

  2. I would like to buy this costume for my daughter. Is it for sale?

  3. How big is the logo and labels? Wondering if it would be too small to print on 8x11 iron-on fabric sheet. Thanks.


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