Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December Daily - progress!

I thought I would share with you my December Daily update.  As mentioned before in my previous post the foundation pages of my album are completed.  Just need to wrap up the completion with some photos.

Taking a daily picture.  Yes easy-peasy, my iPhone is awesome for the daily impromptu clicks and they are automatically photo streamed onto my computer.  Love Apple for this!

Printing pictures.  Yes easy peasy- I have my trusty Epson PictureMate (10 years old) and the quality is amazing.

Determining the picture size.  Hmmm , mixed opinion here.  I am limited by the size of my album and the pre- constructed pages.  I decided to print all my photos 3x4 and there were instances I would have wanted a larger picture.  I know I could print a larger photo and just hole punch it and place it into the binder as another page.  There's nothing to say I have to be confined to the pre-made foundation page right?

Journaling.  Mixed opinion here again.  Do I adhere my photos to the pre-made page and then just write where there is room or do I make another page for the journaling?  Should I handwrite my journaling? (btw I dislike my hand-writing).

Am I over-analyzing this documenting December process? likely yes.  It is probably because I am not a creative 'carefree' scrapbooker as much as I want to be, LOL.   In my scrapbooking workshops, I always say 'there is no right or wrong way to scrapbook' - I should take my own advice, hahaha.

I will take some time to plan how I will include my journaling, thinking flip outs, pockets etc. in the meantime here are my daily December photos.

Day 1: We like the Advent calendars by Lindt.  The photo doesn't show it, this is a pretty big countdown,  the chocolate portions are very generous!  I always have 'big plans' to make our own countdown, little pretty burlap packages or banners...sigh...yeah big talk no action (hanging my crafty head in shame).

Day 2: No snow yet, but this is when I dig out some Winter decor.  I love my little snowman, he stands about 3 feet tall.

Day 3:   After dedicating November to attending high school open houses to look at regional programs, arts programs, IB programs, Advance placement etc. we have narrowed our choices down submitted our applications.  A tad 'stressful' but not nearly as stressful in 4 years time when we are considering college or university.  Okay so Day 3 is not so festive...but part of daily December life!

Day 4: The anticipation of Christmas means making fun-foam Christmas houses.  We use to make the houses from the gingerbread kits.  Having done both,  Anna (me too) prefer the foam crafts because we get to use stuff from my scrapbooking stash, i.e. more glitter!

Day 5: Home decor outside.  These planters are artificial and yes they do look very artificial up close but when there is a nice blanket of snow, it all blends together!

Day 6: December 6 will always be special because we have a birthday celebration for the most cutest and handsomest little boy!

Day 7: Anna infused a little Christmas spirit into her fish tank.  I wonder if the guppies are thinking why is there a jolly bearded dude in submarine in their home!

Day 8: Bethany Mota's launch of her winter clothing line was very much anticipated in our household! To learn she was bullied when she was younger and then finding her own voice on YouTube which led her to become a confident, courageous and empowered personality is very inspiring.  Also loved her on Dancing with the Stars!

Day 9: Pomegranates are in season and a favourite snack of ours.  One word, delicious!

Day 10: Today I don't have a picture, I think I'm going to journal about the fact that this is the first year we are officially celebrating the 'Magic of Christmas' in spirit.  Yes, please read in between the lines what that means, LOL.   I have to admit this gave me a little sad twinge in the heart (boohoo).

Thanks for hanging in, this was a long post! I've been busy working on a few projects which I'm excited to share with you later!

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