Monday, May 25, 2015

Fun DIY Photo Booth

Yay! FINALLY-Some nice weather and I think it is here to stay, woot!
Just wanted to share a quick photo booth I made for my daughter's birthday sleepover recently.  A photo booth is permission to be silly and fun, although I don't think you need much nudging when you have a gaggle of teenage girls together, lol.

All the images and designs were found on Pinterest by my daughter.  She was excited about some new emojis and if you are looking at the brown image on the lower left corner and thinking that looks like hmm..yes you are right, sigh (silly eh!).  The summer images are from Kristen Duke photography and you can download them here.  I also cut out some funky glasses with the Silhouette cameo.

Making the photo frame is pretty easy, all you need is a foam core board, an exacto knife and a ruler.  I found the foam core from the Dollarama way easier to work with than the Elmer's foam core board.  I could not get a clean cut with the Elmer's foam core because the outside layer is really thick and then the foam on the inside separates and spoils the clean edge.  Have a scrappy day!

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