Thursday, September 20, 2018

Petite Prints!

I am loving all the new Doodlebug floral/grid and dot/strip petite prints, talk about a rainbow of happiness!  The smaller scale patterns on these papers are a wonderful way for add a colourful backdrop to your craft projects.

Remember those one-sheet wonder templates for card makers?  I created a very simple one-sheet cutting template and used the same cutting template for two contrasting petite print papers.  I chose the yellow dot/stripe and the blue floral/grid patterns.  If you follow the cutting template you will create a pile of double-sides squares, rectangle and strips that can be layered to create nine A2-sized card fronts.

I dipped into all the awesome So Much Pun ephemera elements to embellish my cards.  My pile of ready-made birthday cards are running low so this is a great way to restock my birthday card stash!

I'll quickly run through each trio of cards and indicate which pieces are used to create the backdrops.

The first trio is simply taking rectangle and square pieces to create a simple pattern base.
Card 1- It's Nacho birthday is it?- yellow 2x4, blue 2x4 
Card 2- Have a Dino-Mite birthday!- yellow 2x4, blue 4x4
Card 3- You mean the world to me!- yellow 4x4, blue 3x3

The second trio will require a few tools - a circle punch, your favourite border punch and a trimmer.
Card 4- You're gum-believable!- blue 4x4, 4x2, yellow 3x3 (circle punched out).
Card 5- Hot dog- it's your birthday!- blue 1x12 (border punch out two 4" strips), yellow 4x4, blue 3x3
Card 6- Poppin' in to say Hi!- blue 4x4 (cut on a diagonal).

The last trio uses up the rest of the pieces, if you have a favourite die cut or punch- now is the time to use it!

Card 7- yellow 2x4, 4x4, 3x3 (circles punched out to highlight shape sprinkles).
Card 8- blue 2x12, yellow 1x12 - adhere to the card base on an angle and then trim excess.
Card 9- butterfly punch used on remaining pieces left over to cover the card front.

Hope this gives you some ideas for your next card making playtime!

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Doodlebug So Mun Pun!

If you fell in love with the So Punny collection, get ready to fall big time again with So Much Pun because there is just so much clever humour over tacos, hedgehogs, dinosaurs, french fries, space ships etc. There is a large range of themes and it's definitely worth checking out!

I was inspired by the 'feel better' part of this collection. When I saw the 12x12 band-aid paper I rewinded my memory tape to the bandaid commercial tune 'I am stuck on bandaids cuz bandaids stuck on you'!  I cut the band-aid strips out and created a lattice weave background on my page.

I love the little smiles on the band-aids, if you are going to scrapbook some icky, not feeling so good times, every little bit of light hearted humour helps!  My page is about this little munchkin going into the hospital to get his ear tubes put it.  He was a brave little boy and is now happy to hear better and say good-bye to painful ear infections.