Wednesday, October 27, 2010

7 Gypsies Photo Carousel

Here is a 7 Gypsies photo carousel with memories of our family trip to China. I still have plans to add in some transparent and pocket type pages but so far I am happy with how the project is shaping up. The tabs are are a 5 x 7 format and is a really easy size to work with. Your photos are the showpiece and you can use all your scrapbooking supplies to add your bits and bobbles here and there. The carousel is a beautiful way to keep your photos/memories in the open and not tucked away in a box or on your computer.

The carousel comes with photo refill pockets and the black tabs you see in my example are a separate accessory to the photo carousel. As I was working on this project, I chuckled again (although at the time there was no chuckling at all what so ever!) of how we shipped a Terra Cotta warrior replica back to Canada (it weighed 280 lbs of solid clay) and the struggle my hubby and I went through unloading it off the truck and through our front door. One memory I fondly remember but wish to never re-live!